White Screen

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What Is White Screen?

White Screen Test helps detect the dead pixels on your screen or monitor. As the name suggests, a white screen is nothing but a super bright display that can be used for various purposes and occasions.

The white screen helps test the monitor and informs if the screen needs cleaning. Furthermore, it also shows the dust, dirt, and other artifacts that help avoid further screen damage. The other name for it is 'White Display.'

You can also use the same while reading or doing other activities in the dark. For detailed work or the RGB test, one can use different colors, including red, green, and blue.


How To Use White Screen?

White Screen usage is pretty straightforward and does not require any intellectual guidance. You can use it without assistance only to get satisfying results in your tests.

Now, when using the tool, you can check other colors for an RGB best or the white screen display for checking pixel issues. Either way, refer to the following steps to use the white screen:

img1 step1

You will come to the homepage when you open the official website.

img1 step2

There will be an image of 'White Screen'; click on the image on the screen.

img1 step3

Turning the background image or display into white is pretty straightforward.

img1 step4

Keep pressing the colors you require the most. This way, the pixels will keep getting treated, and the dirt/dust will get cleaned.

img1 step5

You may also use the blank white screen to read or do other activities in the dark.

img1 step6

Once you are done with your work, press the ESC button.

Key Uses Of White Screen

Cleaning Screen

Once the dirt starts setting on your screen, it becomes impossible to get back your old screen. But the white screen helps clean your screen by removing dirt or dust particles.

The monitor is the show-face of your PC, and an unclean monitor can be unsatisfying for working purposes. A white background image is beneficial in case of stuck dirt because it shows even the tiniest traces of dust particles, helping you get a better clean.

Cleaning Display
Drawing Copy Pad

Use As Drawing Copy Pad

You can use the same white screen as a drawing copy pad. But this is only possible when you are using a tablet. To use your tablet as your LED drawing copy pad, you must switch the white screen and place your tab on a counter.

Place a drawing or painting on top of the screen and another piece of black drawing paper on top of the picture. Now, all you have to do is to follow the lead of your old drawing that is highly visible because of the bright white screen and go ahead with your creative venture.

Light For Makeup Application

For makeup applications, natural light is always the best choice. But a white screen could be very beneficial when it's dark outside, and you do not have an LED ring setup for your makeup application.

All you require is a mirror and a big white screen. You can use a PC or a TV set for the white screen and place a mirror in front of the screen. The bright screen will guide you with the perfect makeup application. You can use other colors to create hues in your social media videos if you are an influencer!

Makeup Application
Lamp For Study

Using As Lamp For Study

In modern technology days, one invents a DIY every day. When studying at night times or in cases when you do not have a night lamp, you can use the bright white screen. The white screen reduces the pressure on your eyes and improves clarity.

For this to be done, you need a big white screen, so your eyes do not get strained. Sit on the front of the screen with your study materials as close to the screen as possible. The white screen could be a modern replacement for the old lamps and save your money for the next purchase of the same.

Using As Bed Light Dark Room

Is your room too dark? You may use the white screen as a bed light in the dark to save money on dim lights and night bulbs. All you have to do is place the white screen where you feel the most comfortable lighting and continue with your work.

Think of the money you can save by using the white screen as your bed light! For creativity purposes, you can also use other colors to give a unique touch to your room decor.

Light In Dark Room
Remove Dust From Projector

Remove Dust From Projector

If there are some stuck dust particles on your projector screen that you do not seem to get rid of, a white screen could be a savior in this situation. Because of the super bright screen, even the tiniest grime is visible on the big screen, which you use for your benefit.

To make this happen, start the white screen test on your system that will start showing on your project screen automatically. Use the light to remove dust from your projector. Once done with the cleaning process, you will notice the visible change.

To Find Scratches and Stuck Particles

The white screen is mainly used to clean the system display and find the dead pixels. But you can also use the same blank screen to find for screen damage or scratches.

Because of the high intensity of the screen, it gets easier to find even the most minor screen defects that are usually not visible to the naked eye.

Also, some dirt particles started getting stuck in the screen corner without making us notice, which the white screen display can help determine.

Find Scrateches and Stuck Particles
Video Shoot

White Background For Video Shoot

There are various benefits to using one color for fantastic product videography, especially against a white background. Colors like white bring out the product's exact color without compromising its identity. And when you wish to show the product without any distractions, the white screen display is the best choice.

The white background is handy when your budget is tight and you wish to shoot for eCommerce purposes. It is easy to edit the white background and is an excellent way for beginners to shoot attractive product photos or videos. Furthermore, white is the most accessible background removal when dealing with product images.

Light For Zoom Meetings

When doing zoom meetings, the white screen display is the most favorable choice if you do not have access to a ring light. You can use two individual screens or two windows on the same screen. You can share the zoom meetings screen with the white screen test and enjoy a good image in your meetings.

The magic of the white screen is not restricted only to zoom meetings. It can also be used in other video calls for picture clarity. You get separate lighting for zoom meetings that is not as bright as a white screen which helps soften your facial features.

Zoom Meetings

Features of White Screen

The characteristic features of the white screen test or the white screen display are given below.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

The most fantastic thing about the white screen is that it is straightforward! You do not need assistance or go through various steps to start your white screen.

When you enter the website, you can select the color you need for that day and press the expand button.

That step will show you the chosen color in the whole display. And when you are done using the light, you can click the close button or switch to other colors by pressing the back button.

Always Free

Always Free

The white screen test is free and will always be free to use in the future. Unlike other applications or tools that offer a free trial on their product and ask for subscription fees after using the product twice, you can always use this white screen test for free.

Our tool provides the white screen test free lifetime usage without any hidden or surprising costs. Also, there is no need to sign up or log in to use the white screen. As suggested in the steps, all you are required to do is visit the official website and start using the tool immediately.

One Tool For All Screen

One Tool For All Screen

The beauty of this tool is that it is compatible with all devices such as laptops, mobiles, desktops, and tablets. You can use one tool for various purposes, such as drawing and cleaning, but it works best for RGB tests.

Stuck and dead pixels are complicated to identify in standard colors and easily seen in vivid colors such as red, green, and white. You may get rid of the dead pixels on any screen.

Furthermore, this tool is most valuable when used on a tablet screen if you are an artist. You get an LED drawing system without additional costs by just placing a blank drawing paper on top of the screen.